Holy Spirit, You Are Welcome Here

Mid February our part of the U.S. started to warm up. Shortly after two record snow falls and frigid temps, Spring began to creep upon us. Everything was covered in a thin layer of pollen. You couldn’t touch anything without the yellow powder showing up on you. It was funny to watch our boys touch […]

He Will Never Let You Down

Man…. Unpredictable Fallible Disheartening I’ve been thinking about the goodness of the Father and His loyalty. I’ve learned a lot this past year about myself and humankind. I’ve learned humankind will let you down and let you down big, that includes myself, in case you were wondering. We break promises, breech covenants, and aren’t loyal. […]

Home: A Worthwhile Investment

Home. It’s something I’m passionate about. A safe haven and an atmosphere to thrive. A place to teach and instruct. Somewhere to always feel welcomed and loved. I have to constantly be reminded how important our role as parents is to our society. As Mothers, we have to fight hard against the naysayers as we […]